The quickest and most elegant way to scan a driver's license. Easily track patrons entering your establishment and use bouncer mode to automatically detect minors.

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Scan an ID barcode

Unlike traditional scanning apps which detect letters and numbers, Scannr works by reading barcodes. One quick snap of the back of the license and the holder's data is retrieved swiftly and accurately.

Turn on bouncer mode

The bouncer mode allows automatic detection of minors or, in general, people below a user-defined age limit. Scannr can also detect expired licenses and thus prevent potential problems with the law enforcement.

Stats and charts

Age and gender from the scanned licenses can be logged and collected data transformed into beautiful charts. Just select start and end date, Scannr will do the rest.




156 total

24.5 y average age

youngest 21 y

oldest 57 y

Scan an ID from your app

Scannr now supports integration with third-party apps.
Check out the documentation for details. If you run into any trouble please contact us